Foundations for Imagery Coaching

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Course features
  • Introduction to Imagery Coaching
  • 7 Learning Modules 
    + Bonus Content
  • 15 Videos
  • Dr. Jonathan Rhodes
    Joanna Grover, LCSW
    Karol Nedza
  • Certificate of Completion
  • Join Our IC Community
Course accreditation
NBHWC CE Value: 4 | ICF CCE Value: 5.5 | UKIHCA Value: 4 | HCANZA CCE Value: 5
Course completion and Prior learning
Successful completion of Foundations for Imagery Coaching is a prerequisite for anyone wishing to complete the Imagery Coaching: Functional Imagery Training & Beyond course.

If you have successfully completed an approved coaching qualification or Motivational Interviewing course and can provide evidence of prior learning in form of certification or modules completed, please email us at to progress directly to the Imagery Coaching: Functional Imagery Training and Beyond course. 
Course overview
This course lays the foundation for anyone wanting to help clients, patients, students, and athletes tap into intrinsic motivation and stick to goals. It will positively impact the way you approach motivational conversations around behavior change. In addition to being rooted in research, this approach will give you and those you work with more energy because it’s efficient, effective, and promotes a sense of agency.

Founded in the Spirit of Motivational Interviewing (MI) and practices such as Compassion-Focused Therapy, Values Theory, and goal setting. Imagery Coaching has tailored this course to prepare you for the next level, Imagery Coaching: Functional Imagery Training & Beyond. You will learn theories and practices, and gain important core skills that can be applied specifically for coaching in wellness and performance. The objective of this course is to set the stage for successfully using imagery with a client.
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You will gain proficiency in developing your Motivational Interviewing skills aligned with the Spirit of MI, with an emphasis on engaging in conversation, evoking motivation, and planning. We present you with practical frameworks, approaches and scenarios to refine your newly acquired skills.

What our learners say

I really enjoyed this first course [Foundations for Imagery Coaching] and have already successfully used some of the tools with my clients.
Debra Austin, MBA, MCC Business Coach, Speaker
It was a great review [of MI], but it also provided a new perspective on familiar topics. And it was so much more. I learned some new tools and techniques for working with client resistance. That alone made it worthwhile. The material was presented in a very organized fashion, which makes it easy to incorporate into practice. Highly Recommend.
Devorah Shulman, Registered Nurse & Board Certified Nurse Coach

Course Lessons



At Imagery Coaching, we bridge the gap between what is and what is possible. By igniting the imagination, you reconnect with purpose, mental focus, and synergy. Our proven person-centered, multi-sensory approach, empowers you to sustain motivation and reach a higher level. Backed by over two decades of research, Imagery Coaching is designed for you. 

You adapting. You achieving. You persisting. You, amplified.
Patrick Jones - Course author