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"It was a great review [of MI], but it also provided a new perspective on familiar topics. And it was so much more. I learned some new tools and techniques for working with client resistance. That alone made it worthwhile. The material was presented in a very organized fashion, which makes it easy to incorporate into practice. Highly recommended." 
Registered Nurse & Board Certified Nurse Coach
"Imagery Coaching is indeed another revolutionary breakthrough in coaching, which expands the definition of what is commonly referred to as "coaching", scientifically proven to be more effective and leads to lasting goal attainment.”
President & CEO of the Global Leadership Education Center, Inc.
"I really enjoyed this first course [Foundations for Imagery Coaching] and have already successfully used some of the tools with my clients."
Business Coach, Speaker, Facilitator

Frequently asked questions

1. Are there any fees or costs associated with becoming an affiliate?
There is no sign up fee or cost associated with becoming an Imagery Coaching Affiliate.
2. How long do the cookies last?
Our cookies last for 365 days. This means that you get credit for any referred customer who returns to our site within 365 days, even if they do so directly.
3. Is there an agreement that I need to accept before becoming an affiliate?
In order to become an affiliate you will need to agree to the Terms and Conditions of our Affiliate Program.
4. On what products do I earn a commission?
There are no limitations or restrictions on which products can be sold through our Affiliate Program. And there are no limits on the amount of commission you can earn as an affiliate.
5. How do you treat product returns and affiliate sales?
If a customer referred by your site returns or cancels an order for refund, or if credit card charges are reversed due to online credit card fraud, we may debit your account for any commission earned on that transaction.
6. Can I stop promoting your program at any time?
Of course, there is no commitment. You reserve the right to stop promoting a single or all of our program at any time.